NHS Basic Life Support

NHS Training Sessions – the easy solution for CPR refreshers for you!

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We regularly deliver Basic Life Support (BLS) training sessions for NHS staff covering –

  • CPR 
  • Defib use 
  • Anaphylaxis 
  • Choking, etc

Whilst the course suits most areas as it is, it is able to be adapted to suit specific requirements.

We are able to deliver these sessions at times which suit your staff, fitting in with their shift patterns.

Guidelines for this type of training suggest there should be one CPR mannequin available for a group of 12 trainees.  We feel this is entirely insufficient and come along with up to ten adult, six child and eight baby mannequins along with the trainer, the same model of defib which can be found in many of the health centres in Scotland and probably in many other areas.

As standard, the sessions suit up to 12 delegates, last three hours and are held in a centre of your choice.

Organising this course is simple for you, call or email and we’ll look at dates, you find a training room for the date(s) and we confirm things.  You sort out the delegates and we’ll see them on the day.  With it being a three hour course we can deliver both morning and afternoon sessions meaning you can cover up to 24 peoples’ training requirements in one day.  With your order number, we invoice the appropriate NHS Payments department and shortly afterwards you will receive certificates for the personnel records.

Easy!  So the first step is for you to get in touch with either Graeme or Lisa and let’s look at dates – 01506 858 858 or 07973 343 684