Anaphylaxis and Epipens

During our first aid courses we are often asked about Epipens and Anaphylaxis, which means it’s something worrying people out there!   Whilst nothing can beat the knowledge gained by completing a first aid course, there is some useful material out there to help you.

This video can be used as part of our training courses, but we thought some of you might like to see it and share it.

What can you do to help more people?

1 – Copy this page address and send it to friends, family and around the office –

2 – Learn first aid.  There are many courses out there, it matters.  The NHS can barely cope even with the 10 million unpaid helpers who are available 24/7/365.  Add some more first aiders the the existing 10 million and we will all live in a better place.  Crown Safety also provide an online course which will teach most people the knowledge they need –

3 – Learn about allergies – we now offer an Allergen Awareness course which will help you understand the causes and treatments relating to allergies.