Online training help

If you’re needing a little help with logging in for your training or setting up a new user in your Admin panel, look no further

Click here to download the – Crown Safety Manual for Admins

Click here to download the – Crown Safety Online Training Help

Logging In
To login to your eLearning account, simply input your username and password (usually supplied in the welcome email) in the text boxes in the ‘Candidate Login’ section and press the login button.

Confirm Your Name
When logging in to your account for the first time you will be asked to confirm your name. If your name doesn’t appear as you would like it to on the course certificate, you will be given the opportunity to change it here. Please be aware that once you have confirmed your name, it will not possible to change it.

Your Courses
This section will list the courses that you have full access to. To start a course click the ‘Open’ button to the right of the course description.

Once you have opened a course you will be presented with a welcome video. The courses are modular and each module has a series of videos; usually with questions at the end. There is a required pass percentage for each module that will have to be achieved to complete the course and access your certificate.

Note: you get 3 chances to achieve the pass percentage on each module. If you fail a module more than 3 times you will have to contact the distributor to arrange a module reset (unlock). A maximum of 3 module resets per course are allowed before it is permanently locked (failed). If you fail a course you have to purchase it again and restart.

Once you have successfully completed a course you will be presented with a ‘Get Your Certificate’ button. Use this to download your certificate in PDF format. Certificates are saved to your account and can be re-downloaded at any point.

Your Profile
Within your account there is a link to your profile page. On this page you can access archived certificates and update your email address and telephone number.