The prefect Christmas present

Do you have someone who is difficult to buy a present for?

How about a really practical present, which will last ten years and will offer protection for the whole family and the home?  Or if their car or boat is their hobby, this fits the bill for that too!

50 Second Fire Safety Stick100 Second Fire Safety Stick
Ideal for small cars, the kitchen, the garage, tool boxes, small caravans & campersIdeal throughout the home, for cars, boats, large caravans & motorhomes
£62.08 + VAT£87.00 + VAT

Shipping costs have been removed until Christmas, so you’re able to collect too – We’re just next to Kirkhill Primary.

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What is it?

A fire extinguisher anyone could use to fight any fire 

A fire extinguisher, which puts out all the different types of fire likely to happen.  This means you don’t need Dry Powder, CO2, Foam and Water extinguishers, oh, and a fire blanket!  The Fire Safety Stick tackles all common fire types.  

It’s light, really light, from 170g.  When it starts, it’s not scary.  There are two models, 50 and 100 seconds of discharge.  Compare that to 7 seconds most extinguishers in the home might last.  Set it off, put the fire out and even when it’s out, keep going to ensure everything has cooled down below the point of re-ignition.  You can even set it off, put it near the fire and leave the house to safety as it fights the fire for you.  After it’s been used, there’s no mess like you get with powder, water, foam, etc.

Crown Safety are a family-run business in Broxburn and when we looked into the Fire Safety Stick, we loved it, for all the right reasons.

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The video below is of one of our demo units (only last 25 secs) on an oil fire in the kitchen.  Did you know you should never use a dry powder extinguisher on an oil fire?  Kitchens need a special chemical extinguisher for oil)  Fire Safety Stick puts it out…

Fire Safety in your Home

Have you got a Fire Extinguisher in your Home? 

Your home is your space of sanctuary (or say something about this being your castle, abode, etc etc). On average you spend more than 70% of your time in the property, with your loved ones, family, and friends.

Did you know that most household fires start in the kitchen, with the most common being cooking appliances and cooking oil related? There were 30,000 fires in the home attended by fire brigade last year!

Today we protect our homes with a multitude of devices to protect our safety and security, these include, cctv cameras, alarm systems and smoke alarms. Yet it not common for households to have fire extinguishers, typically because there wasn’t a product on the market until now that is so easy to use and can be used in almost all home fires. The fire safety stick offers peace of mind with its 10-year shelf life and no need for servicing.


Fire Safety in your Car

Have you got a fire extinguisher in your Vehicle? 

Perishing fuel lines, overflowing carburetors or a wiring loose connection classic cars and motorcycles are more prone to fires than modern vehicles. And of course our pride and joys cannot be easily replaed by insurance.

Here’s the really amazing thing though, it leaves no mess and no residue from it at all. All powder and foam extinguishers leave such a mess that, regardless of the fire, your engine and bodywork could well be ruined as a result.Watch our videos demonstrating just how amazing the Fire Safety Stick is for classic cars, motorbikes, in fact all vehicles.


Fire Safety in your Caravan/Motorhome

Do I need a fire extinguisher in my motorhome or caravan? Yes, absolutely, it’s your secondary place of living (residence potentially), sharing space with loved ones (family etc), so you also cook and use electricals in a smaller space. There is always a risk of fire in your campervan or caravan, and remember there is a limited means of escape from the exit.

There are Up to 360 caravan fires in the UK per annum, (say something about this being a scary figure)

We know that Space in a caravan/motorhome is at a premium, storing a traditional 2kg extinguisher which is up to 4x larger as well as 10x heavier as well as a fire blanket can take away precious space. The fire safety stick can be stored simply using the provided wall bracket.

It’s also important to have the right type of fire extinguisher on board,

When exploring the great outdoors and touring the countryside, being creating memories, spend time with those closest to you, and sharing life’s small moments, knowing that you are always protected if the need arise.