Training Credit

Got budget left that you’ll lose if you don’t spend?

Well you’re not alone.  Many of our clients have a financial year where if the’ve not spent their budget, it is simply reclaimed.  Whether this is you, or that you’d like to invest your budget to get the best value, our Training Credit option might be the option for you.

How it works –

You put money into your Admin Panel and then call off courses as you require.  You’re not purchasing specific courses by putting in the credit, you can use if for any of the courses at a discounted rate.  Credit DOES NOT time out, it is valid until you use it all up.

By purchasing training in bulk, you can get great deals. 

£10,000+VAT – 60% discount
£5,000+VAT – 50% discount
£2,500+VAT – 40% discount
£1,000+VAT – 30% discount
£500+VAT – 20% discount
£250+VAT – 10% discount
£100+VAT – 5% discount

Example pricing – 

Food Safety Level 1 – £15 discounted by 60% by spending £10,000 means you pay £6 per course as you need them. (VAT ignored for ease of explanation)