Training Staff

For various reasons, you have to train your staff.  Whether it’s the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, or any of the specific regulations like Display Screen Equipment or Manual Handling, there is training to be done.

Picture the scene, one of your staff nips up a ladder to drill a little hole. Only five feet up and he falls off the ladder, breaking his leg as he lands.  A simple accident but the outcome would very much depend on how prepared you were before the accident.

If your staff are trained to carry out the tasks and your policies, procedures and risk assessments are already in place, then the EHO might just agree that it was just one of those things.  However, if there’s no record of training, no risk assessments or up to date paperwork, then the EHO’s visit will end up looking very different!

Train your staff and you are protecting your company and helping make sure your staff get to go home at the end of their shift.  

Training your staff is much cheaper than having an issue investigated where they’ve not been trained!  Not only that, your staff feel as though you care.

Our online training courses cost as little as £15.  Look through the courses to see which courses we can help you with.  Drop us a quote request and let’s see what can be done.