Why use a Consultant?

Simple! – you do what you do and we do what we do. Your time is better spent running your business, let us help with the bits we are good at.

Crown Safety Limited was formed in 2008 following the merging of two independently successful organisations. Crown brought consultancy expertise in health, safety, environment and quality to the new company and Training4Safety came with many years of training experience specialising in health, safety, environment and first aid.

Consultants delivering training and consultancy services are NEBOSH and IEMA qualified with professional membership of IOSH, the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.  Other memberships include IEMA, the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment and IIRSM, the International Institute of Risk and Safety Managers. Consultants remain up to date through regular branch meetings and seminars.

Crown Safety has varied clients from local house builders to a national utilities provider and including household names such as SSE and Ministry of Defense.

Below are a few things we do regularly for clients – there are many more, but these are the current “top 10”!  If there is anything there which you recognise as something we could help with, give us a call or drop us an email at

Fatal Accident Case Study Presentation – How a serious accident affects a business and what you can do about it (for directors, managers, safety groups, etc.)  This 40-60 minute presentation is delivered personally by one of our directors and takes the group through the information relating to the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh and their fatal accident which occurred in 2001.  It looks at the failings on both Company and personal levels and seeks to promote discussion to ensure there are no serious accidents in your own company.  It’s cheaper to learn from someone else’s mistake.

Health & Safety Management Systems – Whether it be a section needing updated or the whole integrated system.

Environmental Management Systems – From start to finish, complete EMS – all the parts including legislation register and impact assessments.

Display Screen Equipment Assessments – Does your company have all the necessary assessments in place? Recently developed, we now have DSE assessments online – simply have staff complete the 15 minute online survey and we send the assessments out to you with the individual recommendations. Call us for information. This has to be an easy way of getting through your DSE assessments!

Company Health Audits – We confidentially survey each of the staff (online, 10 minutes) and report our findings. Areas like communication, roles, change management, stress, work load, etc, are looked at in a series of questions including the stress triggers.

Risk Assessments – either new or revisiting previously prepared documents.

Policies – Policies written around your current practices or re-written due to changes.  All policies are written in plain English and can be translated into many languages including European, Eastern European and Chinese.  An up to date policy will certainly be required for an application for accreditation to an organisation such as CHAS or Constructionline.

Workplace Transport Safety – We can take an independent look at your transport arrangements both on site and the road risk management.  We are able to advise or policies relating to transport, company cars and road risk.

“Where are we now?” Audits – Something all companies should be doing, whether because they know the rules suggest it or because as a director of a company you should have someone with fresh eyes take a look at your operations.  We spot things which the people there everyday fail to see.  Comparing current practice with known standards such as current legal compliance?  45001?  14001?  9001?

Fire Risk Assessments – Says it all really…  With the 2005 changes to the law companies are required to complete their own risk assessments for all aspects of the business where fire could be an issue.

Face Fit Testing – If you have staff wearing disposable or half-face Respiratory Protective Equipment the RPE must be tested to ensure it is the best type to offer them protection and the staff are able to wear then correctly.

Working at Height Audits – We are now in a position to offer site visits to audit your working at height  issues and offer advice.  Whilst initially this is aimed at general WAH issues, we can also include high-level rope access.

Road Risk Policies – It appears there are almost ten times as many people killed at work whilst driving than there are in all the workplaces across the UK. With the HSE looking at this shouldn’t you be?  Let us help you do the assessments and write your policy and do the training necessary to lower the risks to your staff and subsequently to your company.


Facilities Management
Portable Appliance Testing – We are able to carry out PAT testing at your premises through our Facilities Management division, please ask us for details.

Machinery Guarding – our FM division can assess the guarding you may have and offer advice on the best way to to meet current regulations. What makes us different is we can then go on to design and install the guarding.