Can we still train staff and be COVID safe?

COVID – Should we still train staff in First Aid?

To reduce possible exposure, our courses are blended learning so there is an online part and then a practical element.  Schools have booked and paid for their courses and staff have been registered for the online part.  We adhere to government COVID guidelines, have smaller groups, mannequins per person, and everyone is socially distanced in the room.  Risk assessments and method statements are sent in advance and everyone is safe.
The most recent HSE advice, confirmed again 16/11/20, and detailed on the HSE website is that first aid training is still deemed essential training and should be kept up to date.  If organisations are not keeping up to date with statutory training, they are making a conscious decision to be breaking the law.  Whilst we fully understand the need to lower the risk of exposure to COVID, which means non-statutory training could be withheld, as a consultancy, we will always advise clients to remain within the bounds of the laws applicable to the organisations.  The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations have not been suspended because of COVID.  We don’t want any organisation to be at risk of prosecution or bad publicity, which is why we offer advice on matters like this freely. 
We are still able to deliver our courses and have been doing so right through this strange time, in a safe environment.  All of our equipment is cleaned and sanitised before and after every group and barriers are provided for every delegate.  To ensure the safety of our staff and the delegates, we provide everything required so we know the sanitising is carried out to the level we require.
We can deliver the training safely.
Should you require any further information, please, don’t hesitate to call us!