Policies and Documentation

Important note – There were big changes to the reporting through RIDDOR which took place in October 2013.  If you need to know more or have policies updated the please get in touch soon so we can help or even simply explain the changes.

We write policies to match the company you run.  There is no point in having a set of documents which might meet the requirements of the law but doesn’t reflect the business.  It is easier to change the paperwork to match the company than it is to change the company to match the paperwork.

We meet with you to find out the details we require to create the documents you need.  We make things in draught form and guide you through the consolation process to the adoption of the new document.

We provide documents electronically to make it easier to attach to tenders, etc.  We are also able to print as A5 booklets for staff and can also have paperwork translated into many of the languages as may be required.