Manual Handling

Adults of the “developed western nations” beware – you’re the high risk candidates.  Get trained!

One third of the people off work at the moment in the UK are off work because they’ve hurt their backs.  (Or other bits like knees, elbows, too!)

£3 Billion is wasted in the UK every year because we’re bad at manual handling.

If one of your staff put in a claim because they end up being off due to a bad back, do you have all the records and paperwork to successfully prove you did everything reasonably practicable to prevent the injury?

We do face-to-face manual handling courses covering the items, hazards and risks faced by your staff in your business.  We also have an online course covering the same content, which might help you out too.  You can register and trial the first module for free as a try-before-you-buy.