COVID-19 and Social Distancing Preparedness

When the instruction comes from the government that the various workplaces can reopen, it will not simply be, “Ok, on you go then, back to normal”.  

The reopening of workplaces will be possible only when it is safe to do so.

Crown Safety consultants are working with clients to assess the risks of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace and the compliance with the requirements of social distancing.  Having the assessments carried out along with discussion and planning for any control measures and mitigation required and the materials needed for the training which may then be necessary will allow businesses to plan and prepare for the day staff and customers are able to come back to work.

The businesses who plan and prepare will be the businesses who are starting to earn earlier than those who wait to be told they can open again, only to realise they will need to go through this process and open at a later date.

With many clients and sites preparing for reopening day, why not join the organised companies who will be up and running immediately?

Call Crown Safety on 01506 858 858 to find out more about what will need to be in place, we’re happy to discuss it with you.  We are currently operating extended hours to chat to clients about bout COVID-19 and Social Distancing  and our online training courses – which can be completed by staff even though they may be furloughed.  It’s all part of getting your business back into profitability as fast as we can, safely.