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Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment (Leading to CSCS Green Card)

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Our CSCS Green Card course can be used in various ways

  1. As a standalone awareness course
  2. As a refresher course
  3. As knowledge and preparation for the final exam
  4. In a package with our online invigilated exam
  5. In a package together with our Accredited Online Exam, CSCS Touch Screen Test and help in applying for the CSCS Green Card on behalf of the candidate.

The Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course is designed for those working on construction sites and is a requirement for those wishing to apply for a CSCS Green Card.  In accordance with CITB, anyone who is a labourer on a construction site must be a CSCS Green Card Holder.


Online Invigilated Exam

We provide you access to our online invigilated examination which can be taken anywhere.  Our market leading examination system delivers the final assessment direct to your candidate via the internet, invigilated using screen sharing and web cam, allowing them to receive their accreditation quicker and easier without the stress and hassle of visiting a training and exam centre.

As a UK Registered Learning Provider, our online exam is fully accredited by ETA Awards


Exam Invigilation Software

we have online software to allow invigilation of formal exams


CSCS Green Card Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Hazards, Risks, Assessments and Controls
Module 3: Slips, Trips, Falls and Working at Height
Module 4: Manual Handling
Module 5: Plant, Machinery and Noise
Module 6: Respiratory Risks
Module 7: Fire, Electricity and Gas Safety
Module 8: Chemicals and Other Onsite Hazards
Module 9: Vehicles, PPE And General Safety


The CSCS course costs £149+VAT which includes an accredited exam upgrade of £45 + VAT per candidate where applicable. Please enquire for further details.

This course is available now, please call 01506 858858 

Bulk discounts apply – get a quote for multiple courses

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The Process

Candidate completes the Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course

If a pass is achieved the candidate is issued with an approved certificate

Distributor gives the candidate the option to upgrade to the fully accredited certificate

Details for the candidate are automatically passed to VideoTile from the LMS.

Instructions are emailed to the candidate to log into the invigilated online exam

Online invigilated exam is completed at a time chosen by the candidate. Checks are completed to ensure the candidate did not cheat on the exam by using the internet, interacting with any other person or using any other external application, textbook, calculator or materials.

If a pass is achieved, Crown Safety is issued with the accredited certificate to pass to the candidate.

The candidate or distributor can then apply for the Green Card (CSCS Touch screen test is also required)


Minimum Specifications and Further Instructions

Please be aware that the exam is a live exam but can be taken at any time the candidate chooses.

Minimum Candidate Specifications

Google Chrome web browser
Photo ID

Exam Rules

No external devices can be used
No other tabs open on the computer
No one else in the room at the time of the exam
No written notes


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