Industry Standards changed? Finally, it should be!

In the news today is Pret a Manger starting to put the correct labelling on their products.  The rules changed in 2013 and poor Natasha died in 2016 because they hadn’t labelled their products.  The question is, are the others doing it right?  If you are a shy person in a shop full of people, are you confident enough to speak up?  Will you get the right answer?  Today is a game changer, if you want to stay in the game, you have to stay in the game.  Greggs, McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, Costa, M&S, cafés, Subway, et al – you all listening?

Food Safety is important, eating out should be a pleasure, not a life-threatening lottery!

More new courses are now available.  Today, Social Media for Business, a must for any business these days.  A couple of hours, spread over 11 modules and you could just bring yourself, or one of your staff, right up to date with the latest info on using social media for business.

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Social Media for Business

New Course Friday!

You’ve heard of Blu-Ray Monday?  Well it’s Friday, so we’re starting New Course Friday – we’ve released more new courses.  

As always, we’ve plenty safety courses, but we now have Social Media for business.  

Why not take a look to see if it might be useful to you or anyone you know – it’s a game changer in the world of small business.

Why not try the first module for free to see if it’s what you’re looking for?

Dementia Awareness Week – 21-28 May

We’ve all heard of Dementia, but really, what do you know about the future the awaits many of us and our loved ones?

Dementia is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases and conditions. Dementia is a chronic progressive problem of cognition – which is failure of the brain’s functions. IT affects people at different stages of life, it affects different parts of the brain and it affects it at different speeds.

dementia awarenessTake a look at our Dementia Awareness course and trial the first module for free to see if you, or your loved ones should be looking at it.   It costs nothing to try it!