Food Allergy Awareness Week – 13-19 May

How much do you really know about food allergies?  Are you 100% confident to feed a friend without using a problem?  Or are you one of those who think it’s fine, as “I’ve never had a problem” – without realising that 1% of the UK population are developing allergies each year?

This course might be of interest to you –

Allergen Awareness Training from Crown SafetyAllergen Awareness courses cost £35 and have 9 modules. Take a look at the page for the course and even trial the first module for free –


Achieving food hygiene rating level 5 training from crown safetyOther courses, which might be of interest are the Food Safety range.  We have level 1 and 2 courses, both entry-level, meaning to do Level 2, you don’t have to do level 1 first.  Courses start at £15 and can be completed at any time and place to suit.

Take a look at the module information below, register to trial the first module for free, then either purchase and complete the course or get in touch for a quote for multiple courses.

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