It’s National Careers Week this week

How happy are you in your work?  How long should you stay in a job?

“Eighteen months is the socially accepted minimum,” Michael Church reports. “It suggests that you survived at least one review cycle.

“Four years (48 months) will get you ‘full credit’ for working there, unless something makes it clear that you were an underperformer or stagnating,” he wrote. “If you had increasing scope of accomplishment and preferably at least one title change, you’re fine. If you haven’t been promoted and your projects aren’t getting better, you’re still OK at this point but you have two years in which make your next move.”

“Six years (72 months) is the point at which it starts to hurt you if you’re not getting promoted or better projects … After six years without an obvious record of promotions, it suggests that a person is unambitious and, while not so terrible as to be unable to keep a job, thoroughly mediocre,” he added. “If you keep getting promoted, however, there’s no upper limit on how long you can stay at a job.”

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