New online courses again today! CDM Awareness and Confined Spaces

We’ve been busy here!  Here are two more in the Health and Safety Suite courses.

CDM awareness from crown safetyThis CDM Awareness course covers the core concepts of the regulations and details the various roles that are required for a construction project along with the key documents that need to be produced.  It starts with an introduction to CDM, then covers some of the parameters that need to be checked when a project is being planned. It finishes by detailing a number of example projects that illustrate how the regulations can be applied.

Workning in confined spaces training from crown safetyCompleting this Working in Confined Spaces course you’ll be able to demonstrate your understanding of the control measures to be followed when working in, or near to, confined spaces as detailed in a safe working procedure.  This course will cover the legislation associated with working in confined spaces.  What constitutes a confined space, the potential hazards, safe operating procedures, emergency procedures and rescue.

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