New online courses – Allergen Awareness and Epilepsy Awareness

It’s a busy week for new courses going live on the website.  

Allergen Awareness Training from Crown Safety

Today sees our Allergen Awareness course become available.  This course covers general allergies, food allergies and food intolerances and explain the differences between them.  It covers the 14 allergens controlled by legislation along with food additives and how they can trigger allergic reactions.  It takes a detailed look at the symptoms of food allergies and takes in the wider picture discussing the current theories of why rates are increasing.  It then finishes off by covering practical steps that can be taken to reduce the risk from allergens and also what steps can be taken both internally and externally to monitor the control measures.  This course is £35 and likely to take a couple of hours.

epilepsy awareness training from crown safety

Also today our course for Epilepsy Awareness is there.  This course will give you an overview of epilepsy.  It lists the methods of diagnosis, what a seizure is and how the brain can be affected.  It will introduce some possible seizure triggers and describe what to do when someone has a seizure.  It will also discuss some of the treatments offered to people with epilepsy and provide practical advice on what you can do if you witness someone having a seizure.  The course is £25 and likely to take as little as an hour to complete.

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